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Transform your drug discovery

We develop drug-discovery assays using automated fluorescence microscopy.

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Invest in your drug discovery success by consulting with us to review your current program, considering all current scientific research and available resources.

Assay Development

Visualize the biological effects of your compounds through customized high-content imaging assays we develop for you.

Assay Implementation

Advance the right drugs to the next stage of development after we evaluate your compounds in our cutting-edge assays.

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Why Partner With Us?

Choosing great partners makes all the difference. Drug discovery is difficult and risky, but your success is right around the corner when you partner with us. At Scintillant Bioscience, we are developing the next generation of cell-based high-content imaging assays to predict the therapeutic efficacy of your compounds.

The cell is the fundamental unit of life and the key to health and disease. Our commitment is to develop for you the best cell models of disease, using cutting-edge high-content imaging, screening and analysis tools to enable you to advance the right drugs to the clinic. Optimize your drug-discovery program today with Scintillant Bioscience as your strategic partner!

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Jared Bearss

Founder and Coo
Halia Therapeutics

Working with Russ Teichert and the team at Scintillant Bioscience has been a transformative experience for our projects. In a landscape where it's crucial to have partners who truly invest in our success, Scintillant stands out. They're not just another CRO; they're a strategic partner. Their commitment goes beyond just delivering; they communicate, they consult, and they ensure there's a personal touch in every experiment. While we've faced challenges with other CROs going radio silent after sending compounds, Russ's approach is the opposite. He takes immense pride in the research, rooting for our project's success as if it were his own. With their invaluable assistance, we've smoothly transitioned into Phase I clinical trials, and are gearing up for Phase 2. Additionally, the imaging and time-lapse videos provided by Scintillant have been instrumental for our presentations and marketing campaigns. We wholeheartedly recommend Scintillant for anyone looking for a dedicated, hands-on research partner.


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