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Transform your drug discovery

We develop drug-discovery assays using automated fluorescence microscopy.

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Invest in your drug discovery success by consulting with us to review your current program, considering all current scientific research and available resources.

Assay Development

Visualize the biological effects of your compounds through customized high-content imaging assays we develop for you.

Assay Implementation

Advance the right drugs to the next stage of development after we evaluate your compounds in our cutting-edge assays.

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Why Partner With Us?

Choosing great partners makes all the difference. Drug discovery is difficult and risky, but your success is right around the corner when you partner with us. At Scintillant Bioscience, we are developing the next generation of cell-based high-content imaging assays to predict the therapeutic efficacy of your compounds.

The cell is the fundamental unit of life and the key to health and disease. Our commitment is to develop for you the best cell models of disease, using cutting-edge
high-content imaging, screening and analysis tools to enable you to advance the right drugs to the clinic. Optimize your drug-discovery program today with Scintillant Bioscience as your strategic partner!

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Origami Therapeutics

Working with human iPSC-derived neurons can be quite challenging. Russ and his team have been very diligent in optimizing immunostaining and fluorescent dyes for high content and calcium imaging. These efforts have led to the development of reproducible human neurodegeneration models that have proven to be
useful for compound testing.

Beth J Hoffman,
Founder & CEO, Origami Therapeutics, Inc.

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Halia Therapeutics

For years, Scintillant Bioscience has been a valuable partner in our drug discovery process. Russ and his team are trusted to develop assays based on our needs using their expertise and professionalism. Their recent work helped us move our lead program quickly into the clinic and visually tell our story by implementing their imaging skills.

Jared Bearss
COO, Halia Therapeutics


University of Utah

The research work that has been done by Scintillant Bioscience for our research grants funded by NIH and DoD has proven essential to our recent success in getting this research funding renewed. The experiments would have required an enormous investment in time and equipment if we had done them ourselves.

Baldomero M. Olivera
Dist. Professor of Biology, U of U


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