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Cell Viability & Health

Our team of experts specializes in providing you with high-quality assays to assess the viability, health, and overall function of your cells, and help to optimize your drug candidates. You can expect fast, reliable, and accurate testing services that deliver high-quality data to meet pre-clinical demands. Our assays for cell viability and health are a mix of microscopy imaging and plate reader assays, and in some cases can be run in either format.

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Services Offered

Cell Viability Assays

  • Metabolic Activity, MTT   

  • Metabolic Activity, ATP           

  • Cytotoxicity, LDH                         

  • Live/Dead Cell Stains

Apoptosis Assays

  • TUNEL                             

  • Annexin V 

  • Caspase Activity

Other Cell Death Assays

  • Necroptosis                        

  • Necrosis                          

  • Pyroptosis                     

  • Ferroptosis 

Cell Stress Assays

  • ER Stress 

  • Autophagy, LC3B

DNA Damage Assays

  • Ames Test

  • COMET SCGE Assay

  • ICC for PAR Polymer (PARG inhibition)

  • ICC for γ-H2AX 

  • ICC for 53BP1

Mitochondrial Health

  • Abundance, Localization, Dynamics

  • Oxidative Stress    

  • Membrane Potential

  • Mitophagy: TOMM20 Loss

Cell Cycle Assays

  • ICC for Cell Cycle Analysis 

  • ICC for Centrosome Analysis

  • ICC for Proliferation 

  • Senescence

Services Offered for Other Endpoint Assays



ICC for β-Catenin Nuclear



Case Study

Advancing Cancer Therapeutics Through Targeted PARG Inhibition: A Case Study

Note: This case study is to be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint file titled:
Conventional Assays - Cell Viability - DNA Damage - ICC for PAR Polymer (PARG Inhibition).pptx

Chadwick Davis

 Senior Manager Research and Pharmaceutical Project Team Lead
Therapeutics Accelerator - University of Utah

Working with CROs often means navigating the challenges of offshore operations, which, while cost-effective, can lack in going the extra mile and speed. Scintillant, on the other hand, may have a narrower scope, but their efficiency is unmatched. Their local presence combined with their ability to deliver results in just a week at times is a testament to their dedication and agility.

Alex Stark

Senior Manager Research

Therapeutics Accelerator - University of Utah

Choosing Scintillant Bioscience was a game-changer. Their local, easy, and convenient approach combined with their fast and reliable services is unmatched. For startups like ours, they cut down a lot of front-end time, making them perfect for proof of concept. They provide early advantages essential for budding teams and concepts. Truly, their nimbleness sets them apart.

▲ ICC for beta-catenin nuclear translocation

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