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Microscopy & High-Content Imaging

Our advanced imaging and analysis technologies provide comprehensive solutions for pre-clinical research demands, enabling our biotech and pharma clients to efficiently and effectively evaluate small molecules and biologics for predicted therapeutic efficacy and/or toxicity. We utilize a wide range of microscopy techniques and tools, including confocal and widefield microscopy; water immersion lenses for 3D organoids; microwell formats and slides; ICC, IHC, and live-cell staining; time-lapse imaging with on-stage incubator; and cell painting, amongst other HCI/HCS/HCA.

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Services Offered

Confocal & Widefield Microscopy: 10X - 60X with Z-stacking

All Microwell
Formats and Slides

Time-Lapse Imaging with On-Stage Incubator

Water Immersion Lenses
for 3D Organoids

ICC, IHC and
Live-Cell Staining

Cell Painting and Other HCI/HCS/HCA  

White Papers

Fundamentals of

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays - Part 1

Fluorescence Microscopy Basics for Cell-Based Imaging Assays

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays: Part 2, Immunocytochemistry

Choosing the Right Microwell Plates for High-Quality Cell Imaging Assays

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays: Part 3, Time-Lapse Imaging

Baldomero M. Olivera
Distinguished Professor of Biology
University of Utah Member, NAS, NAM, HHMI Professor

The research work that has been done by Scintillant Bioscience for our research grants funded by NIH and DoD has proven essential to our recent success in getting this research funding renewed. The experiments Scintillant Bioscience has done for us would have required an enormous investment in time and equipment if we had done them ourselves, and their efforts were equivalent to the very best academic collaborations we have been involved in.

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