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Conventional Off-the-Shelf Assays

With our conventional, off-the-shelf drug-discovery assay solutions, you can expect to have high-quality data in hand quickly to fast-track your therapeutics-discovery programs. Our conventional, off-the-shelf assay services include a comprehensive study report detailing the methods and results, including data quantification with applicable raw data, such as images, videos or numerical plate-reader data, as well as graphs and dose-response curves, with our expert interpretation of the data and suggestions for future directions. Our turnaround time for study reports is typically within 3-weeks of receiving a purchase order for one of our conventional assays.  

Our assays are equally valuable for testing small molecules or biologics, including peptides, antibodies, PROTACs, gene-therapies, cell therapies, and beyond. 

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Services Offered


Microscopy & High-Content Imaging

Our advanced imaging and analysis technologies provide comprehensive solutions for pre-clinical research demands, enabling our biotech and pharma clients to efficiently and effectively evaluate small molecules and biologics for predicted therapeutic efficacy and/or toxicity. We utilize a wide range of microscopy techniques and tools, including confocal and widefield microscopy; water immersion lenses for 3D organoids; microwell formats and slides; ICC, IHC, and live-cell staining; time-lapse imaging with on-stage incubator; and cell painting, amongst other HCI/HCS/HCA.


Cell Viability & Health

Our team of experts specializes in providing you with high-quality assays to assess the viability, health, and overall function of your cells, and help to optimize your drug candidates. You can expect fast, reliable, and accurate testing services that deliver high-quality data to meet pre-clinical demands. Our assays for cell viability and health are a mix of microscopy imaging and plate reader assays, and in some cases can be run in either format.


Time-Lapse Imaging Assays

Our specialized time-lapse imaging assay technology enables you to visualize dynamic cellular processes at high resolution, giving you a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind your biological samples. Each assay is performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high-quality data and reproducible results.


Endpoint or Time-Lapse Imaging Assays

Using state-of-the-art endpoint and time-lapse imaging technologies, we provide clients with detailed visual analysis of cellular changes, including genetic reporters via both stable or transient transfection/transduction, viral infection/transduction of oncolytic virus, phagocytosis, wound healing, and cell stress. Our Endpoint and Time-Lapse Imaging Assays allow you to visualize and monitor your samples in real-time.


Antibody Characterization & Optimization

We validate antibodies for immunocytochemistry (ICC) with our antibody characterization and optimization service, including an assessment of binding specificity after ICC staining optimization and analysis. We ensure the quality of your antibodies for laboratory research.

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