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Conventional Assays - Endpoint or Timelapse Imaging - NLRP3 inflammasome activation inhibi

Time-Lapse Imaging Assays

Our specialized time-lapse imaging assay technology enables you to visualize dynamic cellular processes at high resolution, giving you a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind your biological samples. Each assay is performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high-quality data and reproducible results.

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Services Offered

Calcium Imaging

T-cell, NK-cell, Macrophage killing of tumor cells

Axonal transport

Microtubule Dynamics

White Paper

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays: Part 3, Time-Lapse Imaging

Tosifa Memon
Enveda Biosciences

Working with the Scintillant team has been truly enlightening. Their quick turnaround is matched by in-depth knowledge of calcium imaging — an expertise that's rare to find. Very few labs delve as deeply into this particular research as they do. If I were to describe Scintillant in just a few words, they'd be: detail-oriented, trustworthy, scientifically sound, and always ready to innovate and jump into new challenges.

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