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Microscopy & High-Content Imaging

We specialize in offering cutting-edge microscopy and high-content imaging services, including bespoke assay development, validation, and implementation; 384-well and 96-well formats; and endpoint, time-course, and time-lapse assays. Our team of highly skilled scientists has a deep understanding of the latest imaging technologies and can help you design assays that meet your specific pre-clinical research needs. We can help bring the hidden intricacies of your cells to light.

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Services Offered

Bespoke Assay Development, Validation & Implementation

384-Well & 96-Well
Formats & Slides

Endpoint, Time-Course or Time-Lapse Assays

White Papers

Fundamentals of

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays - Part 1

Fluorescence Microscopy Basics for Cell-Based Imaging Assays

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays: Part 2, Immunocytochemistry

Choosing the Right Microwell Plates for High-Quality Cell Imaging Assays

Tips and Tricks for Cell-Based Imaging Assays: Part 3, Time-Lapse Imaging

Beth Hoffman

 Founder & CEO
Origami Therapeutics

Scintillant Bioscience has been a valued partner in advancing our drug discovery efforts over the past two years. Working with human iPSC-derived neurons can be quite challenging. Russ and his team have been very diligent in optimizing immunostaining and fluorescent dyes for high content and calcium imaging. These efforts have led to the development of reproducible human neurodegeneration models that have proven to be useful for compound testing. We appreciate the outstanding communication between our teams and look forward to continuing our progress through the strong working relationship we’ve developed with Scintillant Bioscience.

Bingqian Guo


Paterna Biosciences

We've collaborated closely with the Scintillant team on our male infertility project. Scintillant Bioscience’s expertise in imaging and their invaluable recommendations have significantly advanced our research. Despite being a small Utah-based team, Scintillant's quick turnaround and insightful advice have proven to be game-changers for us. Their consultative approach and top-notch communication make them an outstanding partner.


Scintillant Bioscience has expertise in neuronal cultures and imaging, which has benefited our projects immensely. They are also willing to discuss and develop new assays, and are not shy of challenges. They are true professionals.

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