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with Our Cell-Based Imaging Assays

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Some of Our Imaging-Based Drug Discovery Capabilities

  • High Content Imaging (HCI), High Content Screening (HCS), High Content Analysis (HCA)

  • Immunofluorescence Microscopy

  • Target-Based and Phenotypic Screening

  • Fixed and Live-Cell imaging

  • Endpoint and Time-Lapse Imaging

Recently Completed Imaging-Based Drug Discovery Projects

  • Developed assays and conducted dose-response testing for drug effects on subcellular protein localization and quantification in 384-well format.

  • Developed assays and tested compounds in dose-response for inhibition of inflammasome priming, assembly and inflammatory cytokine release.

  • Identified cellular phenotypes in human iPSC-derived neurons associated with a disease mutation vs. normal control neurons. Evaluated compounds for rescue of mutant phenotype.

  • Completed calcium-imaging experiments in 14 cancer cell lines to determine whether a plasma membrane receptor was expressed for drug targeting.

  • Tested compounds for inhibition of phagocytosis.

  • Evaluated compounds for induction of apoptosis.

Other Services We Offer

  • Molecular & Cellular Biology Services: Western Blot, ELISA, Flow Cytometry, Cell-Line Development, etc.

  • Cell-Based Assay Development, Validation and Implementation in Microwell Formats

Imaging Platforms

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